Nerdistan X Mattel 2022

Masters of the ComicCon

In cooperation with our partner HEO Nerdistan joined forces with legendary brand Mattel to promote the even more legendary franchise „Master of the Universe“ on the ComicCon #23 in the heart of Dortmund. Instead of building just another trade show booth, we designed an interactive triptych, split into 3 separated areas. Number one was a replica of a nostalgic 80s child’s room back in the day, which turned out to be a designated selfie hotspot. The second part was a goldmine for the eyes of collectors, showcasing original 30 years old toy figures of He-Man and his friends and foes. Area 3 was sketched out in cooperation with a street artist and had a claw machine as the centerpiece, in which visitors could try their luck and grab highly coveted „Masters of the Universe“ toys. A Skeletor cosplayer and a life-sized „Masters of the Universe“ toy box photo op rounded up the experience. Several thousand people came by and and felt appreciated in their nerdism by an authentic and pleasant escapade.

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